How to remove a corrupted WebPart from a page in SharePoint 2007

When I was playing with custom WebParts in SharePoint 2007, I used to getting an error message saying “An unexpected error has occurred“ and I could not navigate to the previous page again! Because SharePoint stores all the .aspx pages directly to the database, so when a corrupted WebPart added to the page we cannot access them!

Add a custom WebPart to the SharePoint page:

Unexpected error:

So you need to delete this corrupted WebPart to navigate to the page again. There might be several way to solve this issue, but following is an easy way to delete the WebPart! Here you go 🙂

Step 1: Just type “?contents=1” in the address bar to the end of the url and Press <Enter>.

You will be navigating to the following Web Part Page Maintenance page.

Step 2: Select the WebPart which you want to delete (OR whatever you want to do) and click delete link button on the top. That’s all you are able to navigate to the page without any issue!

Please note: If you change any other WebPart in the Web Part Page Maintenance page, it will be affecting all other users who have access this page!





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  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 7, 2013 - 11:22 pm

    Thanks that resolved the issue! 🙂

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